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The final product and its documentation are presented to the client who formally accepts it. The product is introduced in the intended context. Users are informed and trained.

Sample questions...

How do we prepare and manage the introduction of our product? (reflection aspect relevance)

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Migration to Linux

Schirmer et al. (2011) studied how big organisations can successfully migrate to the operating system Linux at all their desks. They describe a good software rollout as a process that is not primarily driven by goals and conditions of the IT support department but is considering the various perspectives and work contexts. Employees who closely cooperate with outside partners and exchange digital documents with them now permanently have to convert between formats (Office / Open Office). They need quick and dependable converting services at once. Employees with direct customer contact need good and timely training. As software problems and unconfident use become obvious at once in interaction with customers, those workplaces should be migrated last, when initial problems have been identified and solved in the organisation.