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Documentation, Maintenance & Support

System documentation may be addressed to developers or to users. The documentation describes system functionality and basic conditions of use. After system rollout, bugs may occur and lead to user questions. External conditions may change, requiring a system to be customised. Users have to be kept informed.

Sample questions...

How do we support user groups with diverse levels of expertise in the introduction process? How about using a variety of media to make our material available, e.g. audio-visual material or interactive help. Do we address different target groups in specific ways?

...and their use:
Migration to Linux

In a project studying the migration to Linux in big organisations long-standing employees complained about missing or too much information and too early or not adequate training. “They send us a student apprentice who demonstrates the use of the mouse instead of reacting to our questions.” In their list of good practices, Schirmer et al. (2011) propose a documentation of the differences for the various programs in use, training of a local expert for every office as disseminator, extra support for teleworkers, and various push and pull media as information channels the employees can choose from. These measures help to accommodate the great variety of individual and workplace-specific requirements in big organisations.