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Science is about the production, advancement, criticism, and reflection of knowledge. From a gender and diversity perspective, it is necessary to ask whose knowledge is regarded as relevant in science and how this subsequently determines scientific and technological discourses. In addition, science makes statements about people and human capabilities and is thus also involved in the production of knowledge about gender and other social categories. Seemingly stable knowledge about gender characteristics and values can be found in the history of many disciplines. However, this knowledge often proves to be a norm which is produced rather than the actual experience of many.

Questions relating to Disse­mination

  • How do we support user groups with diverse levels of expertise in the introduction stage?
  • How about using a variety of media to make our material available, e.g., audio-visual material or interactive help?
  • How can the insights we gained be used in the future?
  • Does our research generate new questions or starting points for further research, in particular for interdisciplinary cooperation?