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Testing by Developers

Developers have to check in functional tests that product components have been realised according to specifications and that they work correctly, both individually and in combination. In these tests they use the original use cases that have driven design. Gender/diversity aspects may have been included in these use cases. General tests for gender-inclusiveness are possible.

Sample questions...

What (and whose) quality criteria do we use for evaluation? (reflection aspect: relevance)

...and their use:
The GenderMag Method

Software practitioners can test their software for gender-inclusiveness issues using the GenderMag method (Burnett et al. 2016). Psychology, education, and communications research repeatedly has found facets relating to problem-solving as clustering by gender. These facets have been brought to life in a set of personas for the GenderMag method, a gender-specialized cognitive walkthrough for evaluating problem-solving software. It helps to check software from the perspective of people varying in motivation, information-processing style, computer self-efficacy, risk aversion and tinkering.