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The technical or abstract architecture of a product is determined. This includes the ways users interact with it.

Sample questions...

To what extent can social diversity be integrated in our concept? What aspects do we leave out? (reflection aspect: concept of the human) On what basis do we take decisions about concepts? Whose requirements do we follow? (reflection aspect: power relations) To what extent do we try to meet requirements? What efforts do we find acceptable for that? (reflection aspect: relevance)

...and their use:
(no example yet)

There is no formal procedure to “translate” requirements into concepts. The previously defined requirements form the basis for all decisions that have to be taken here. Any prioritisation of requirements should be mirrored by concepts. Thus, the consideration of gender/diversity aspects will depend on their prioritisation and the extent to which developers are kept aware of them.

Currently, we have no project example for how additional gender/diversity considerations can enrich activities in this phase. It might be a good idea to make one member of the developer team a “gender/diversity-minder” (reflection aspect: work culture.

Would you like to propose an example? Please send an email.