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Potential risks and effects of the project, be they financial, ecological, or social, should be identified and assessed in advance. Consideration of gender and other diversity aspects may help to get a multifaceted impression.

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External conditions can affect different people in different ways – how do we take that into account? (reflection aspect: power relations)

...and their use:
Real Names in Google+

When Google launched its social media service Google+ in 2011, it required the users to register by their “real names”. Accounts under pseudonyms, as far as discernible, were deleted. This sparked a critical debate. In the course, it became evident that a great variety of people were disadvantaged or put at risk by this policy. Pseudonymity shields them e.g., against harassment or discrimination, it allows them to express controversial views, disclose their health status or discuss their relationships. People seek privacy using pseudonyms. They “are looking to have some form of control over a social situation” (boyd 2012). Due to the protests, the real name requirement was finally abolished.