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Concept of the Human

In Informatics research and technology development, various roles are assigned to humans: In the field of IT-Security, humans are seen as needing protection, but also as potential threats. In Artificial Intelligence, the human serves as a reference model. For Human Computer Interaction (HCI) design, human activity in the world and its support by digital media is the focus. This assignment of roles must be consciously reflected. What attributions come with them and what humans do researchers have in mind? The concept of “the human” has close relations to gender. An idea of (hu)man always entails gender concepts including social categories like physical and mental abilities and leaves its marks in research and development.

Questions relating to Analysis

  • What might help us to get a more diverse and varied image of potential users?
  • What are the reasons for involving various groups to different degrees (or not at all) in our research and development process?
  • What reference models do we use in order to study and model human behaviour or abilities?
  • Who will definitely not benefit from our research and why?