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Planning the Methods

Depending on the goals, the expected results, and the target group the proceeding of the project has to be planned step by step. What research and development methods will be appropriate?

Sample questions...

What kinds of and whose knowledge will we use for our research and development? (e.g., common knowledge, the knowledge of the target group, scientific knowledge) (Reflection aspect: knowledge)

...and their use:
Designing with Incarcerated Women

A Virtual Reality (VR) training prototype depicting 3D-360° video episodes was designed to help incarcerated women go through and prepare for stressful situations that they are likely to face when released from prison. The system was designed in cooperation with a women’s state prison, using Participatory Design methods (storytelling workshops, storyboarding and role playing). A group of incarcerated women suggested and described stressful situations, they drew images for the virtual environment, provided the wording for the episodes and acted as narrators for the voice overs in the final scenes. The designers facilitated the process and learned from the women’s experiences; the women became agents in the design process. The participatory design methods had to be adapted following legal, ethical as well as time restrictions associated with the particular institutional setting.