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Expected Results

Projects start from assumptions and hypotheses and they anticipate certain results. These expectations may be challenged by a critical reflection during research and development.

Sample questions...

What kinds of people do we have in mind when formulating a problem or project goal? How can we avoid generalizing situations or stereotyping? (Reflection aspect: concept of the human)

...and their use:
Neighbourhood Platform for Senior Citizens

In a project studying what design methods might be suitable for participatory design with and for senior citizens, the plan was to build a neighbourhood platform that allowed people to get into touch with young and old neighbours to ask for and offer assistance. During the cooperation with retired people, it turned out that, instead, they preferred to meet people of their own age living in their neighbourhood. They hoped to get inspired by them for satisfying new roles and activities in their daily life. They expected the system and the community to help them discover their own strengths, interests, and needs. System functions that help to establish contact with unknown but interesting persons and to gradually develop mutual trust were of particular importance. So, the conception of the users and the design of the neighbourhood platform took unexpected directions.