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Why is it that certain research topics seem relevant than others? How does a topic become important, and who is in a position to make something relevant? Current societal issues and trends, attitudes and opinions may play a contributory role. Emerging technologies embody commitments and biases. These commitments may include the interests of industry, university, university research policies, personal biases or life situations from the designers/researchers working with these technologies themselves.

Questions relating to Project Definition

  • What priorities have driven our field of research?
  • What life domains (e.g., recreation, health care, work) does our current research address? In what ways (negative, positive) will our project change people’s lives?
  • How do we deal with socially marginalised groups in our application area?
  • Are there norms embedded in the technology concerning gender roles or what it means to be a “woman”, “transgender” or “man”? How has research considering gender been studied up to now?
  • How do we deal with users, acknowledging their physical characteristics (height, eye colour, weight, etc.), abilities, financial means, or cultural norms?