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Tools & Resources

New technologies and approaches invite us to test them in new contexts. And areas of life for which there is no technical support or where existing tools are insufficient can give rise to new research projects. A reflection on the usefulness, scope and application context of existing technologies and methods under gender and diversity aspects may shift the research focus in innovative ways.

Sample questions...

Do current technologies equally serve many groups of people? What changes when we situate the perspectives and experiences of people with disabilities in our work? (reflection aspect: benefit)

...and their use:
Motion-Based Games

A student project tested existing technology for motion-based games (Wii™) with people suffering Parkinson’s Disease (PD). They discovered that people in this target group enjoyed such physical activities, but the handling of the input device, visual presentations, speed and complexity of existing games overstrained them. After studying the requirements of this target group, the project developed a number of principles for the design of motion-based games for PD patients and designed games accordingly.