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Personal interests and values can be driving forces for new projects. New projects may, for example, be targeted at economic, social, or ecological goals. Such interests of persons or organisations should be reflected based on the advantage, disadvantages or exclusions produced. A gender and diversity perspective can help to make conflicting interests visible, e.g., along power and hierarchy lines, and to focus more on the interests of marginalised groups.

Sample questions...

How does our project contribute to making the world a better place? Does our field of interest provide opportunities for inclusive technology design? (reflection aspect: values)

...and their use:
Serious Games

The idea for a student project on Serious Games was triggered by the fact that one of the students’ uncle suffered from Parkinson’s Disease (PD). They decided to develop serious games to motivate PD patients to exercise at home. At that time computer-based motion games assumed a healthy, fully mobile person, while people with special needs or abilities were rarely considered.