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To reflect on the benefit of a research and development project, you need a clear picture of future users and use contexts. It is important to ask who is meant to benefit from project results, and how even wider groups of people might benefit (inclusion).

Reflection questions

  • What changes when we situate the perspectives and experiences of people with disabilities in our work?
  • What target groups do we want to serve?
  • Who else might be affected by our research?
  • What population groups might be excluded by the envisaged technologies and do we want that?
  • What new perspectives might be opened up if we include “ people with disabilities” in our concepts?
  • Do current technologies equally serve many groups of people? Can we make out fields of hidden work or marginalised life domains which have not been served yet? Which groups are less prioritised?
  • How can our target groups be broadened and involved?
  • How usable are current work tools or technologies for diverse persons? Are current work tools efficient and effective for all?
  • Are there domains that cannot or should not be supported technologically?
  • How can we assess conflicting needs and interests in order to reconcile them?
  • How about testing our research results also in contexts for which they were not intended?